Jun 092012

There is a fun and simple way to get your kids started recognizing some basic words. You can do it easily without even having to spend any money – you label all of the things in your house. The kids will enjoy getting involved in the ongoing process of labeling things, as well.

You will need some small strips of paper (you might adjust the size according to the item you are labeling), a pair of scissors, a pen or marker, and some tape. You just go through the house room by room, looking for things to label. Say, for instance, we started in the kitchen. Some things in the kitchen we could label are: cabinet, microwave, refrigerator, drawer. Labels might not stick on the oven or the dishwasher when they heat up – and when the dishwasher blows out steam. There are lots and lots of opportunities in the kitchen for naming things, though. You could even keep a stack of paper on the counter and when you come back from the store once a week, you and your child can label cereal boxes, etc.

Constant repetition of these basic words will help your child recognize these words by sight and can also begin to help with letter recognition. This is a very basic step in the learning to read process and will not help with phonics skills. It is, however, a very important step and a fun way for your child to begin to ‘know’ words on his own.

You and your child can get very creative with all of this labeling, too. As stated before, some of the strips of paper can be different sizes, according to the thing being labeled. The strips of paper can also be arranged on things differently. For example, you can put the word ‘window’ vertically on the middle bar that separates two windows. And on venetian blinds, you can tape the word ‘blinds’ to an individual blind so that it is easily read when the blind is closed in the downward position. Your child will think it is so funny, because, when you open the blind it will be harder to read. And if you close the blind in the upward position, you won’t be able to read it at all.

This is a good way to use the things in your house like flashcards. Close the blinds up and quiz your child on the first letter of the word. And if they are advancing even more, you can ask them to spell the word. This could also be done with cabinet doors – open the door all the way so you cannot see the word.

One room that is difficult to label is the bathroom. Remember when we talked about that steam coming out of the dishwasher? Well, the bathroom is full of steam from our hot showers, shaving, etc. The bathroom can be labeled, it’s definitely not impossible. Just keep in mind that you will be replacing those labels from time to time.

Nov 072011


My Very Own Mail is undergoing some very big changes lately! I’ve moved the hosting account for the first time in years and years! And now we are on WordPress – yea! Once I get it all put together, this is going to make things so much easier from now on! I’m so excited about the change and can’t wait to really get it all going!

So, to celebrate my new/old site, I’m having a BIG sale on One Year Subscriptions! A one year sub is great, because, your child knows that every month, they will be getting a fun package in the mail from Mrs. Lisa! I even have one little bookworm that is going on his SECOND year! He really loves his packages! :D

Each ‘My Very Own Mail’ package comes with:

  • A letter addressed to your child, in which Mrs. Lisa tells them about a great book that you can look for in your local library!
  • An Easy Craft Project that coordinates with the theme of the book talked about in the letter!
  • Cool Stickers or Tattoos that also go with theme of the book discussed!
  • A Groovy Bookworm Bookmark!

Here is a snapshot of the dinosaur package:

(Click on the pic to see it bigger.)
In the pic, the stickers are glow in the dark dinosaur stickers! And you can see how the craft comes to you – in individual packages, complete with instructions. The only thing that is sometimes missing is glue. A lot of the pieces are sticky-backed now, so even that is not always needed.

If you would like to see some of the crafts already made up, you can look at the album in my Facebook page here: My Very Own Mail Crafts.

Evan with two of his crafts.

I have quite a few different themes for the packages and I will just pick a different one each month to send your child. A few of the themes are: dinosaurs, science, reading, flowers, animals, sports, happy hearts, stars, and monkey. That is just a few of them and I am always adding more!

I’ve been so excited about my MAJOR site upgrade, that I decided to do a majorly DEEP discount! I don’t know that I will ever price the mail this low again. It’s actually making me a little nervous to do so, but, I’m just so excited and I want to share some of that excitement with you!

I have a one year subscription plan that you can pay for in full at the beginning of the subscription, instead of paying every month. And that is the plan that is for sale for a limited time! I’m not sure how long I can handle having it priced this low, so grab it now while you can! ;)


~~UPDATE: I’ve been so focused on my Virtual Assistant work that I haven’t had a chance to continue getting my site moved over here. So since I’ve been so neglectful of this poor, sweet site – the sale is still ON!!

US Price –> Just $115.64 for 12 packages!
Order Here:

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International Price –> Just $127.64 for 12 packages!
Order Here:

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

(You will have to fix the “AT” in my email address when you send. Trying to hide from the spambots!)
I look forward to getting to know your bookworms! :D

Go Read A Book!

Sep 072011

Howdy folks! This is, indeed, the happy-go-lucky, mail for kids site you were looking for – it’s just that we are in the process of moving webhosts for the first time since 2002 and it is a pretty big undertaking! Okay, it’s actually a very big undertaking!

So things might be dusty around here for a while. We would love to have you join us over at our accompanying blog until things get a little more settled:

And you can also catch us pretty much all day, on and off, at our Facebook page: